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Parkinsons, Pills and PIP

I was diagnosed with Parkinsons' Disease on June 11 2010. I won't bore you with the details and symptoms but what I will say this condition doesn't get better. Bearing this in mind, I successfully applied for Personal Independent Payment 12 months ago.

So, why do I receive a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions asking me to complete the same form again 12 months later. Maybe the DWP are concerned they are not paying me enough! Surely it can't be because they want to cut cost!!!

Then, 1 week later I received an additional letter from the Department of Waste and Pensions which stated. 'We have reviewed your case and your benefit will remain the same'.

Then 1 week after that I received a further letter from the Department of work and Pointlessness to remind me to complete the original form or my payment will be stopped.

What, I ask you is going on?

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